Thursday, February 14, 2013

WebWatcher Review

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What Is It

WebWatcher provides you the tools to remotely monitor your child or spouse and allows you to keep them away from malicious sites and questionable content. With all data sent to their servers you can view a computers actions from anywhere with an internet connection simply by logging in.

How It Works

Immediately after purchase you can access your account and instal WebWatcher in as little as 5 minutes. From your account it easily installs in a way that the user would have no way of knowing it's even there. The data it collects is sent directly to their secure servers and is viewable anywhere you can access a computer.

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What It Does

Keeping an eye on you child's computer has never been easier. WebWatcher Lets you monitor their social networking such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many others. Read E-mails and Instant messages being sent to the computer in real time. View a record of all websites visited and even block inappropriate ones.

Real Time Monitoring

Not only can you view sent E-mails you can watch them being typed with real time. Selecting a program you can receive real time video-style playback. Using this you can do things such as protect your children from sending or receiving explicit pictures, monitor gaming times, and watch your spouses online interactions.

Logging and Notifications

Set alert words and receive an E-mail whenever those words are used or have screenshots taken when the words are present. Logs are kept of every single keystroke even if they are deleted so that you can get your children's passwords and access their social networking profiles.

Final Thoughts

Now when you're at work or a friends you can still keep your children safe and away from the Internets dangers. If your believe your significant other may be up to something malicious you will now always have access to their personal profiles and Social networking sites. Because of it's ease of use and many Monitoring features WebWatcher receives my #1 recommendation for best Computer Monitoring Software.

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